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Originally Posted by Sapphire View Post
I am trying desperately to lose weight, and apart from having gastric banding done, I have tried pretty much everything. I am in a catch 22 situation - I need to excersise to lose some weight, but I cant excersise because of my health.

A lot of days I just want to give up.

My husband says he finds me attractive still - I personally dont feel it, but his perception of me is obviously much different to my own perception of myself.
I totaly get the trying but can't. I have to do low impact and be very cautious in how I work out. It's been a slow going fight. I have just this year kept a stable weight, so I am hoping 2011 will be my year to knock some of the weight off, but I know it'll take quite awhile, going the pace my body needs to keep from hurting.

Karma has told me there were times when I was thin that I was unattractive and times when I've been heavy that I've been very attractive. It's all in my personality and how I hold myself.

When I'm feeling confident and good about things, I can still turn heads. When I'm feeling down, in pain, or just not caring, I know people whisper behind my back.

My type has always been the big muscled jock. Football and hockey players. Body build wise, Karma is not my type, nor I his, but our connection throws all that out the window. As far as women, I need to see muscle tone. Big, small doesn't matter. But I need to see the athleticism. I think part of it is because it is something I prided myself on for so long, and no longer have.
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