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I somehow managed to make it through my promiscuous high school years disease free ( I slept with older men wich makes it even more amazing to me).

When Karma and I started dating I thought we were monogomus so I didn't push for condoms. I was being tested regularly so I didn't think much of it.

Stupid me.

Fluid bonding is a huge thing for me now. I require condoms, for Karma when he is with anyone but me and for anyone I may date in the future.

I have had cervical cancer due to HPV, as well as pelvic inflamitory and when that is added to all my other medical problems it could be a much faster on set and much harder fight than others have.

I can't risk that again. Karma and I have a huge list of rules when it comes to safe sex. Unfortunately, because of my shorter cervix due to the cancer, condoms hurt me, so whomever I do choose to sleep with, if anyone, will be pretty damn special that I am willing to go through that pain to be with them.

I do believe it is a point of closeness and connection to be fluid bonded. Unfortunately there is no one in our lives I trust in that manner at the moment.
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