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I think the best word is interdependent. It's sort of becoming a buzz word. In American society, independence is so highly valued that we forgot, often, that we do need each other and it's not wrong to need other people. But it is a fine line between independence, interdependence and just plain old dependence. I agree wholeheartedly with Redpepper that moving in is a huge decision and you should take your time on that one. I've heard of intentional community. I actually lived in one for a short time. It didn't end up working out so well as no one had much experience with it and most of the members were very young and immature. Not to mention our house was like grand central station. I like to have a lot of space and alone time. As much as I often wish I could spend more time with O, I am usually glad that we don't live together. I just spent about 4 days with them and while it was fun, it was nice to get home. Also I'm a huge slob and he's pretty neat and I would drive him crazy. When you live with some one and you're in a relationship and it's having problems, you can't just come home and relax. It's always there. I think at the beginning, it can be nice to have some space while you're figuring lots of stuff out.
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