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So I was deep in conversation about Mr. A and TP today (she's happily napping on the couch surrounded by dogs) because she is meeting his parents tonight (incidentally if anyone knows a good way to remove a ring mark from a finger PM TP) and they are hyper-Christian so she's his girlfriend tonight... and as such she's not wearing her ring (duh) and my friend wanted to know how I feel about it...because it's a big step for their relationship and because she's not wearing my ring (not really caring about that but hey the rest of society does)... I am happy for them, minus the hyper-Christian side of thing, and hiding away a part of their relationship...but anyhoo I was asked how I ended up being friends with Mr. my friend is accepting, and pretty bright, and a consummate scientist so it was a genuine question...

I thought about it and we have common interests and personalities (too common sometimes for TP) and really it just came down to the fact that since TP found me attractive and someone worth spending time with, and still does...that her taste in men hasn't changed so naturally her boyfriend would be similar...

not really a point to this one I guess...other than I am becoming more active in searching for an OSO which in and of itself at times seems counter intuitive as I have fallen ass-backwards into any relationship I've ever been really I have...I checked my memory.
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