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Originally Posted by Polymonial View Post
She's also afraid that I could find an OSO very quickly if I tried, that I have a lot of "charm", and that I could attract not just nice people (for whom she's have compersion) but also axe murders.
Not to burst your bubble, but just so you two realize, from what married men say here in this forum, and what I've been told by the married poly guy I correspond with, it isn't that easy for men to meet poly-oriented women, especially if they're married. For some reason, married men are attractive in the monogamous/cheating world, but a married man who is polyamorous apparently scares many women off. So, although I don't understand why it would be such a bad thing if you found someone quickly (seems common for married poly guys to bemoan the fact that their wives found someone but they have not for a long time), she probably does not need to panic about that.
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