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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
So what's behind the anxiety over the "my" time? Is it due to a disruption of the security provided by daily habit? That any change is likely to scramble everything? A fear that you'll miss out on something important with Redpepper? Fear that the closeness with Redpepper will diminish if you're not spending all that time with her?
No disruption worries. This has been this way for me ever since I was a kid, nothing new or specific to Redpepper.

I guess because I am so structured within my career I don't want many things to be too structured outside of work.

There is the admission that I simply don't feel the need to be connected to many people either. I open myself up completely to one person and leave myself fully vulnerable to them..Redpepper in this case. I won't do that with others and so my relationships can deepen with a few but remain very superficial with most.

I don't adhere to the concept of all people being connected and am happy in that. Maybe how I relate to friends is an indication of how I relate to the world...hmmmm

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