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Default Still looking for my soul mate

My eyes are blue green, I wear glasses, am of average build, am neither beautiful nor ugly on the outside, have brown hair although it is not short and am 5 feet 4 inches tall. I can be a bit shy at first but once I feel comfortable around a person I will come out of my shell. I'm intelligent, sensitive, passionate, honest to a fault maybe, a hopeless romantic and a true believer that most people are good deep down. I also speak four languages though that's just a conversation starter I think. I rarely drink, I don't do drugs either though I have experimented with Marijuana when I was younger. I do smoke about a pack of cigarettes a week but I will quit for the right person. I enjoy playing games on my xbox 360 when I get a chance to. I love to sing, always have. My husband has never heard me sing nor has he shown an interest in it. I have not been allowed to be myself since I married. I love animals, always have, we have a cat although I would much rather have a dog, we just don't have the space.

I have been attracted to women most of my life although I have never had a romantic relationship with one. I once tried to kiss my best friend and although I didn't understand it at the time, have come to realize over the years that although I am mostly attracted to men, love is what draws me to women and men alike. By love I mean everything the word can represent: understanding, warmth, compassion, kindness, interest, selflessness, sensitivity, friendship, laughter, humanity...A connection is what draws me to a person's soul and there was something about your post that drove me to write.

I'd like nothing more than to truly connect with someone; to find my soul mate. To laugh and cry and love and play with that person. I yearn for a friend, someone who believes in soul mates, romance, chivalry, honesty, kindness, tenderness, foreplay, excitement, beauty, adventure, laughter, fun and that we can have all these things just by being ourselves and just by letting go.

There is much more to me if you think you'd like to truly get to know me. I am sorry if I haven't told you much about me here. It's hard to do so with my husband lingering. I have little freedom to be myself but I need to start somewhere, I hope I can be myself with you.

Just so you know, I plan to be honest with my husband about my relationship with you and given his past infidelities, there's no room for objections.

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