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I understand what you meant better now, GS Indeed, I assume someone's taste could very well be bad and turn you off. Actually, my taste is always something I worry about before having sex with someone, as well as how I'll feel, etc. I don't have a lot of confidence, but being able to actually tell a man that I worry about it beforehand helps a lot. And telling a stranger that, I don't think I could... And he might just decide to give it a pass, too, after all lack of confidence isn't a turn-on either.

I think my issue is that while sex with someone I have an emotional connection with strengthens and increases that bond, sex with someone I don't have an emotional connection has, so far, had the result to prevent me from forming one ever afterwards. It's too fast, it's a shock, it's some kind of trauma, it causes me to trust them less rather than more, etc.
So I wouldn't worry about checking for sexual compatibility early, because even if it's there, what use is it if the person starts turning me off just because we had sex at all?

I think I would be honest about not liking someone's taste (or other such things). And then maybe we'd just avoid a specific act if that's the only time it's an issue. Maybe we'd just cuddle. I'm not really sure how I would react because it hasn't really happened, and because I don't fall in love that often I'm not sure it will ever come up... If it does, well I'll have a great friend, which is still better than the option of being left with nothing at all, I feel.
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