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Originally Posted by Nakedone View Post
One thing that seems to be basic to all defiinitions is that there are at least three people involved in a sexual relationship of some kind. But, beyond that, the varieties are many!
Sexual intimacy can be very important to how people love, but there are those who don't need it

From my own experience, the most "usual" polyamory relationship involves two men and one woman. And, in most cases, one of the men will be the husband of the one woman involved. But, not always.
I honestly don't see any regular patterns. This is simply one of them

My question to any who read this is: "How do YOU define Polyamory, and what kinds of three-person sexual relationships have you enjoyed most?"
Loving more than one. Thats it. The relationship construct around it is defined by the individuals involved

for 3 person relationships I dig ffm. ...but really the most enjoyable relationship I have had is my current one. A fmf V. Far more satisfying than any threesome I have had.
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