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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
Impregnating another would be a deal breaker for me. Not that it would happen on purpose - but birth control fails.
That is an interesting thought. I don't know how I would respond to pregnancy. PN has had two female loves in our time together (12 years of poly). I haven't considered it once! I know that one of the women wanted children badly as her other partner was snipped. She actually dated Derby's husband for a time also and Derby and him were very concerned about her motives... I hadn't thought of them, as I know PN is very careful and is in no way interested in more kids.

If it happened I would be beside myself with anxiety, hurt, sadness and fear, but I would get through it. I would do everything I could to be a part of the babies life I think. I would want LB to know his sibling... what would be hard for me is that I would have no control over if that would be realistic or not. I would not be the mummy and my values could very well different than the mothers. Again, I think PN would pick someone with similar values to us and that would fit with our life as we would with them. We don't bother with trying people out any more as we have wasted time and have learned a lot by now... usually nothing happens fast and by the time he even has sex with someone there has a been a TON of preparation and production before he has decided that she is the one to give to and give himself to.
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