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Originally Posted by Nakedone View Post
I, personally, have been involved in MFM sexual situations in which the woman was my wife; in others where the woman was the other man's wife; and in still others where neither was married to the one woman. Of all those relationships, my estimate is that sixty percent of them were those involving my wife and me and one other man. Another thirty would have involved a woman, another man, and me, and neither of us was married to her. Only the other ten percent would have involved me with a married couple...

My question to any who read this is: "How do YOU define Polyamory, and what kinds of three-person sexual relationships have you enjoyed most?"
What you're describing here sounds like swinging to me, not polyamory. If it's just sex, it's not polyamory.

Poly - amory means many loves, so one who is polyamorous would have or is inclined to have more than one "love" partner. Sex may or may not be part of those partnerships.
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