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It really does seem time to bring two households together no? Holidays really do show that out don't they? Eventually life can't help bring people together. That's what family is all about really. It seems we are programmed to come together. It seems to be human nature.

Sorry, how was he the better man here? It seems you were to me. No doubt your wife was concerned and missing him, but it has been her choice to divide her time no? Part of that is foreseeing how holidays will go. I find it hard to be present when Mono is not around; I can empathize. That is one of the reasons I advocated for our all coming together and being closer. Its changed things and it is nice he is close but not living in the same place so we can still be ourselves together when we can, but on holidays we are all one and it flows well.

Good luck. More holidays to come.
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