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Default Not so good

Things were going so well before but I have made a bit of a hash of things at Christmas. I have hurt OHb's feelings and my wife and I ended up having to have a talk about things on Christmas night of all times after the kids were in bed.
Not a total disaster we are muddling through. It all came down to her not being able to be in two places at once so everything has been a compromise. I have to admit that OHb has acted the bigger man the last couple of days, but on the other hand he doesn't have six kids around at his place to complicate matters. I don't feel I have seen my wife at all this Christmas; when she was here it was as if her mind was elsewhere and she couldn't wait to go again.
The whole process is going to repeat next week end at New Years.
I would rather just get it over with and get back to our normal routine.
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