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I didn't know what it is to fluid bond until I met Mono. Except with women that is. All my partners wore condoms. PN and I have always used condoms. I have never been on the pill (which is why old boyfriends wore condoms) and he doesn't want to get snipped, so we carry on perfectly happily. I don't want his cum in me actually. He goes down on me though and trusts that I keep myself healthy. I don't give him blow jobs. Only Mono.

We talk about it in depth at our house as PN is ultra concerned. Its a topic again now that Derby's husband has a girlfriend that is dating a guy who is intimate with quite a few people in our community. The chances of the trickle down of any sexually transmitted issues are rare to nil, but we do talk about this kind of thing anyways. Its important to be aware and tested often just in case. Better to be overly cautious (which reminds me, testing time coming up again soon I think). Some might find it paranoid, but whatever, each to their own. The more we talk about this sticky stuff the better I think. I don't think safe sex is talked about or considered enough actually. I suspect that quite a few people don't engage in safe sex as often as is expected or safe because condoms are not a real turn on for most guys. I too find it surprisingly surprising the lack of acceptance and knowledge.
Mono and I are very fluid bonded. Its important to us and creates a huge amount of closeness and connection. It is indeed a kink for us too. Its actually a large part of why I am fine with restricting my sexual activity to those in my life now. The thought of losing that far outweighs the thrill of new sexual conquests. It just has not been worth it to me. Fluid bonding is a huge reason for me to be poly fi sexually and carry out asexual relationships out side of that.
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