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On the topic of what to say to someone you aren't digging sexually- good question. I have no idea. I've had a bit of struggle with this myself. Most recently in terms of a girlfriend whom is half my age. Lovely woman, we get on great, but her taste was not appealing to me. She smelled okay in terms of body smell, but her pussy was blah. I struggled with that for sometime and didn't say anything. We are still friends and I made some excuse that I had too much going on and didn't feel I could give her the attention she needed. Not untrue really although by that time derby was my girlfriend instead of her. That was obvious to her. Her lack of experience was a turn off also it must be said. The combo was just not going to work for me. Touch and smell are the two most important of the four senses to me; sight and sound being the others. Anyways, I would be interested to hear what others say. Maybe this should be moved to a new thread?
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