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Condoms were never a big part of my life and never one that I liked. Keep in mind I was only with one sexual partner from the age of 19 to 36. I find condoms adversely affect my erection and make it near impossible to orgasm. I also find it more connecting and spiritual to fill my partner when I cum.
Now the other way.... As far as not being fluid bonded with respect to my partner's fluids I am a very oral person. One of the biggest turn ons for me is consuming my partner's excitemnt...juices are everything...more the merrier!
The idea of licking/sucking on a dental damn sounds more frustrating than fun.

I would be very disapointed if I had to take a break from fluid bonding. I don't have sex just for the sake of it.....I'd probably just wait until we could resume fluid bonding.

There is also the aspect of spontaneous sex. I will do it anywhere any time (except in group settings LOL) and can't iimagine needing a condom for everytime I get to penetrate my partner being very easy....or financially wise

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