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I am really interested in reading others' posts about this. When I started becoming sexual, as a young woman before AIDS and HIV were concerns, I always loved the "sticky" aspect of sex -- all our fluids intermingling on our bodies, tasting, touching -- such a turn-on! Then, during the late 80s and '90s, before I was married, condoms were such the norm and understood to be a requirement, not something to balk at. I didn't like it as much but really never had a problem with anyone not wanting to wear one, or keeping their hard-on. Recently, however, I am finding it odd that two men I've been with have been reluctant to wear them (but they did), and going a bit soft when it went on. I would think guys would be used to it by now, and would want to be more vigilant, with everything we know nowadays. Of course, I'm solo and just starting off in these relationships. So, I'm curious how it is handled when you transition to fluid-bonded status. I understand there must be a huge amount of trust involved. And reliable birth control. Sorry, I think I'm rambling a bit.
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