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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What are your stories of being fluid bonded? What do you think the best way of handling the transition is in terms of other lovers concerns, testing, boundaries? What does fluid bonding mean to you and what does it indicate within your relationship?
Fluid bonding is pretty critical to us. Lacking it just takes soooooooo much away. For us it's both erotic and intimate which is something we desire in a lover. Actually, it's literally a fetish for us.

We admittedly are more fortunate than many, so we have a bit of luxury in establishing it. Our circle, or network, predominately consists of people who's sexual travels are somewhat more limited, both geographically and culturally. A less risky environment shall we say. However, it's something we get into VERY explicit discussions over right on day one and take what we feel are appropriate precautions. It's worked for us. Never so much as an externally sourced yeast infection yet ! Of course, as I say, were we in a different culture or area, this would likely have to change.
But we need all that fluid ! Bask & bathe in it

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