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Ok....Yesterday...was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V had to work until 6pm. That kinda sucked. But the time we all spent together when she got to our house...was so nice. She came over, and we had dinner as a family. L and I's two kids, L, V, and myself. All together at the table felt natural. My kids are accepting her as a family member. L and I had ZERO issues last night.....except for me feeling as though I was pushed to the edge of the bed. But meah...That was so minor, it was almost not worth mentioning.

After dinner, V, L myself and my 13 y/o son sat at the dinner table and played poker, then blackjack. Eventually, my son migrated to the computer, leaving me, L, and V playing blackjack. That was fun. No real "bets", but just the satisfaction of a winning hand or two....Then, L, V, and myself migrated to the bedroom to give V a nice massage before bed. She had a long hard day at work, so we wanted to help her to relax a bit.

My wife L is the one in school to become a licensed massage therapist, so she was the one giving out the massage. It was so relaxing and calming.

Then, we all got ready for bed...........

We slept well.....when we slept. (Come on...did you REALLY think I would give a break down of the ENTIRE night?)

I will say that it was some of the best sex L and I have had in a VERY long time. A true gentleman doesn't tell. While not a true gentleman, I am respectful of V and L.

Anyway, This morning, was just as awesome. V woke up first. Then L went to the from room, followed by myself. L made omeletts, while I helped. It was so great this morning. We all three reflected a bit.

V left with a smile on her face, while L and I had smiles on ours too. We were a bit sadened by the fact that she had to go....but alas, she had her blood relatives to go see still.
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