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This thread is what made me sign up and pop a post in the introductions section, and now here

I actually find that I am feeling better about things if my husband and his girlfriend, well, I should really call her 'our' girlfriend I suppose, cuddle up together on the couch or the bed.

I had a brief encounter with another girl when I was in college - I suppose most people do something they would normally never do - and it never went beyond kissing, but I do not consider myself a lesbian because of it, perhaps Bi Curious would be a better term.

I actually really enjoy the 'intimacy' of the 'cuddle pile' of the three of us, and just being with my husband and our friend.

I have no problem with them displaying affection for each other in front of me - kissing, cuddling, etc. I am actually pleased to see them happy.

Yes, I do have a little stab of, hmm, I dont know if Jealousy is the word I am looking for, but I do feel a bit left out is probably the right description, and I feel sad that when I see them playing together outside, or inside, just roughhousing and romping around - nothing sexual, just fun stuff, I get sad because I cannot do this due to my situation with my health.

I want nothing more than to be healthy again and be able to do all the things I so dearly want to do, but my stupid body doesnt want to play the game.

I do have to say, that my husband is not the best kisser in the world. Dont get me wrong, he does kiss nicely, but I would like some long, slow, tender kisses from time to time.

I find I enjoy just the touching and cuddling more than anything else, as most other things cause me a great deal of pain, which in turn, takes the enjoyment out of it.

I do love it when my husband sits between me and our friend on the couch and we can both cuddle up to him, and she plays with my hair.
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