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Default New to Polyamory.

Hello everyone.

I was introduced to this board recently and have had a good read through most of it and am amazed to find that my situation is not actually as rare as I thought it was.

I am married, and my husband has a girlfriend.

Due to my health, I am unable to live up to most of my 'wifely duties' and this has led to the inclusion of another member to our 'family'.

I do love my husband, and I love his girlfriend too. I know he loves me, and I know that she cares about me a great deal.

Its all very new to all of us and we are still figuring things out, but thanks to this board, I do not feel as if we are alone in this situation.

I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better, and hope that some of you may be of some support to myself, my husband and the girlfriend.

Best Wishes,

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