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Originally Posted by DharmaBum23 View Post
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Oh, and BTW, I'm interested in seeing if poly works for me, and joined OKC to meet poly men, but I don't mention the words poly or polyamorous in my OKC profile. Women do have to be more cautious. There may be a chick on OKC for you, but it's just harder to find them.
As a poly guy located just outside of NYC who uses OKC I have a quick question.

If you don't mention poly or polyamorous in your profile, how will someone who is looking specifically for poly people find you?
A couple of ways. In my profile, I do mention something to the effect that I'm looking for a new way to be in relationships. Also, on OKC, people can see who checks your profile, so even though I don't have poly in mine, I do check profiles of poly people so they can see I've visited. If I'm really interested, I'll make them a favorite, or give their profile an award or something. Some of them look at me back, and do the same thing. This has led to conversations via the message system they have. I also make sure to answer some poly-oriented questions favorably so it shows up. If someone wants to do a little work, they get what I'm about. I don't like making it too easy, I guess. Online dating is all very new to me anyway, but the one poly guy with whom I've been corresponding is someone I contacted myself first, with a message. This seems to be working for me, as I am very cautious.
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