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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
Based on some of our conversations and some of his recent actions, I don't think he's comfortable being considered as a "primary". It's not that he wants to date other people, its that doesn't seem to want the responsibility of being my partner. It's a long story, but to summarize, I was super stressed and asked for an hour of his time to help me with something at work but he refused with one of the reasons being that it "wasn't his responsibility". He's also reluctant to affirm his feelings for me because he's "been burned before" and is also dealing with depression.
I wonder whether it's very wise to read too much into recent conversations or actions. He may be going through some stuff, dealing with issues, his depression, etc., and it doesn't necessarily mean that any of this means something about your relationship. In addition, the holidays stress lots of people out. I would say, give him space, don't worry too much about it, and let the end-of-year/holiday dust settle. Not saying to avoid discussion if warranted, but it doesn't sound to me like now is the time for jumping to conclusions nor having a big, heavy conversation.
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