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Originally Posted by BFTrick View Post
Hello There,

I am new to the idea of polyamory. I have been playing with the idea for a while but I have never met anyone that supports it.

I am single, and I would like to try poly, but I have no idea how to bring that up with a potential girlfriend. I feel silly making that a requirement for a girlfriend before I have even tried it out myself. And as a male it always looks like I am looking for more sex.

So I guess I will hang around here for a while and see if I can pick anything up.
Welcome to the forum. I myself am single and have no experience with a poly relationship as of yet. Hopefully, people can chime in with much better advice.
Try talking about it to people you trust first and seeing how they react to it. If that works, it could very well work for a partner. Get past all the uncomfortable bits at the start of a relationship though. I think if they do get on board with the idea of being poly themselves, try get them to find someone first. It could make them more comfortable with you finding someone else.
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