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I was having a really, really awful day a few months ago so we decided to go for a walk, just my husband, boyfriend, and I. We were walking down a quieter street, with me in the middle, holding hands with each of them by my side. It's not especially often that all of us are together, but that day, I was so grateful for the support they were providing. They were both there for me <3

I think the larger risk is people who aren't aware of our poly relationships seeing us out with our respective "other partners" and not understanding.
Each of us as inadvertently confused some people by being seen by people who didn't know. In one case, the person asked, we told, and all was good. In another case, someone saw me holding hands then giving a kiss goodbye to my boyfriend and became very concerned, gossiped with other people rather than coming to me. Fortunately, the person she gossiped to was aware and filled her in. We don't go announcing to the world that we're poly, but are happy to explain to those who want to listen.
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