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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I wasn't kidding he wouldn't clean it up, but no it had nothing to do with our relationship. I understand, we each have our *squick.* For me it's snot and human puke. For others its shit... I work with a population where these are daily things to think about sometimes... my co-workers and I have it worked out. I wouldn't want anyone to throw up so I deal with crap and they deal with nose wiping... all works out. even at home. Mono gives the cats WAY more attention than I do, but I clean up after them... it's all good.
Yeah, my husband has it worked out the same way as you do at work. He would be the guy they hit and punched and other people would clean up their shit. He doesn't work with DD anymore though, he's at a regular acute psych unit now, they have like one autistic person. So there is a lot more hitting and restraining than cleaning up bodily fluids now.

I do everything for the cats though. Steve is kind of allergic to them, and he SUCKS at cleaning the litterboxes.
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