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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Then the appropriate box for you to click, would be the last one, which says "I'm a woman and I could care less if I have sex or not". I mean, you almost quoted it when you stated it above. No idea why the confusion.

Since you agree, then the same would go for you too RP.

Not trying to be offending in any way either ladies. Just stating something which, to me, is obvious.

I also stated at the end that there would obviously be other options, and I apologized for not being smart enough to include everyone's choices. I simply couldn't think of them all. LOL I mean, there are about as many ways of showing romantic love, as there are people. There's only 10 choices possible. I tried to keep it simple and broadly generalized.

So, you either have to have sex in order to complete romantic love, or you don't. I, personally, do.
Nope, I disagree completely, and you completely misunderstand my point. I both agree and disagree with both your options for me so can't tick either, or I could tick both, because for me at least it is not an either/or situation that can be broadly generalised.
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