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Tonberry brings up a good point. I have excluded people who identify as gender queer, or bisexual, or are a man who identifies as a woman, or visa versa.

Come on people...Don't be so specific. Sometimes, a question is simply a question. It's not meant to be exculsionary or exclusive. It's not meant to single anyone out. It's simply a question. Sometimes, you can't include EVERYONE. Sometimes, some people will just have to accept that they have been left out....and it's not just "is".

SNeacail, Yes, I should have put that it may have included a lot more people from this lifestyle....but I was deliberatly trying to be more black and white. There is a point where people need to not be wishy washy. LOL No offense people.....If you're not sure which to choose, post your view...and I'll let you know where you fall within MY spectrum.....It may not fall in the same place as is BEST for you to choose for yourself though.
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