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Thank you Mono!

My husband actually considers himself poly, as he is capable of deep loving relationships with more than one person. My gf was actually his ex from years before and also his best friend. He spent years trying to set us up because he loved us both so much and he felt we'd be perfect for eachother.

However, he doesn't feel a need to engage sexually with my other (should I ever have an other again) to be in a poly relationship. He is straight and so I fulfill all of his sexual desire in that way. It's the same reason why we've agreed that I will not engage in physical relationships with men and can only have one relationship with a woman at any given time. If he were bisexual I'd be fine with him having a physical relationship with a man without my involvement as I cannot be a man. We seem different than most here in that the loving commitment comes naturally and without jealousy but the sexual aspect is tricky. It could be due to the sexual abuse I have suffered and his ex gf (different ex) who made a point to jump everyone who wanted her behind his back, leading to some serious health concerns. I don't know.

As I said, the rules are flexible. Had P stuck around maybe we'd be a triad now in every way and house hunting. She WAS perfect. Until she wasn't. One never knows if lightning will strike twice.
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