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I can relate to this Karma. Sorry. It's difficult sometimes, for me to say things that I feel because even just my WIFE is on the site. Sometimes, I feel that I need to seek advice from the masses here, for something that I'm experiencing with my wife. Or I'm looking for an answer to some weird feeling that I'm experiencing, but it's a feeling that I feel is an over reaction, and therefore would seem silly and petty to her....but I feel like it's a big deal. Sooo....yeah....


Mo, these friends are friends who know your life? For my wife and I, this site, as well as facebook, gives us that anonymity (in a maner of speaking) to say the things I'm feeling and express them somewhat openly. Don't leave the site, carefully. I know I do sometimes. Or possibly start a new account and only let those who know you personally, know what your new sign name is.
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