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I can't tick any of the boxes.....

I am a woman. I don't need sex to feel love from someone. But I do care very much about having sex! I can never understand people who say it's just not important to them, but each to their own.

I also take slight exception to the idea of a friendship not being love. My loves are and have been based on a deep and vital friendship first and foremost, and there are several 'just friends' whom I love very very deeply, more so than some people I have sex with where the connection is 90% sexual and just casually friends.

So here's my own little box to tick: I am a woman, who can and does variously seperate love, friendship and sex in different circumstances (ie, just love/friendship, or just friendship/sex), but find others when all three collide to be the most wonderful amazing fulfilling relationships in my life!! That ok?
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