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I'm a MAN...and I HAVE TO HAVE SEX to feel love
I', a WOMAN...and I HAVE TO HAVE SEX to feel love
I'm a MAN...and I could care less if I have sex or not.
I'm a WOMAN...and I could care less if I have sex or not.
Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Ok, I am one of the people who view sex as a necessity. I feel, that without sex, a relationship is a simple friendship. There is no love in it.

Please...Keep in mind that this is just how I feel....Not that I am trying to say that is the only way.

When my wife and I go for a period of time longer than 2 weeks without sex, I feel very depressed and very distant. I feel like she is looking for it elsewhere, and I'm not good enough or whatever.

She tells me that, she could take it or leave it, when it comes to sex. She doesn't "need" sex. I've heard this from other women also in reference to sex....Not just sex with ME, but just in reference to having sex...period....

So, I ask...What are your views toward sex?
k, I'm finding this really hard to answer. It seems very monogamous orientated and I can't seem to break from that. I can not have sex with some and feel the same closeness and intimate connection with someone as I do someone I do have sex with.

Is sex important? Damned rights it is, but not with everyone and anyone. I can be attracted and physically capable in terms of my body reacting, but it is not necassary to the relationship to get off by fucking. On the other hand, in other relationships it really is and adds ten fold to the connection and depth I have. So yes to both questions really... I think?

I seem to be getting it wrong some how. could you give me more info?
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