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I put no energy into anything like that. I keep it to myself. I like to remain humbly grateful that they want to walk with me anywhere where people know that we are three. After all, there is some stigma for partners on either end of a vee. There is stigma in being the hinge too. I respect that far more than I feel the need to be outwardly proud. Pride to me comes with being confident in myself, so I stick to my beliefs and am ready to advocate for them if need be.

I am not attracted to people who brag or show off as if there is some kind of competition, so I don't do the same in return. I just act happy, content and myself as if I were on my own. When I feel the need or desire to show affection to either one I do naturally without any attachement to the action. I just don't go there at all; in a nut shell. There is usually too many other things to think about and do.
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