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dating couples is a lot like mono dating because the couple has a feel to them that comes across as it would one persons feel... every couple has a way about them, a personality that is theirs, as if they are one. When they date they look for someone compatible to that oneness as they want it to become oneness with three, or four. The dynamic changes and therefore the feel/personality changes with it... I think that often couples don't realize that; in the case of unicorn hunters especially. There is a tendency to think that they will stay the same and be uneffected by anyone making them three or four... so not so. Just like when you hang out with a new friend or begin a mono relationship, there is a shift in energy and personality...

I think the first thing to do, as in any dating, is to see if you feel that their personality as a couple suits you and then decide if they are fuckworkthy. That seems to be more sucessful when their is some knowledge about compatibility.

As for the bi thing... its up to you. I would think that they would not force or coerce you into doing things you don't want to do.
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