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I was thinking "who to reply to" as well!

I cuddle with Maca, GG or my kids. That's the limit.

I don't like to cuddle with people I'm not intimate with (or my kids).

On the other hand, I also don't get intimate with people I'm not in long term relationships with as a rule of thumb either. Just not my gig.

At the same time, to me cuddling up to go to sleep is a comforting activity-like I would do with a sick child.

HOwever, sex is play (loving play yes-but still play).

SO-while I know that the guys have the "omg will he be touching me?" issue in cuddling up to go to sleep and they don't have to worry about that during a 3some, cause everyone is awake and that simply isn't going to happen-

I wish we could cuddle-because that to me is a more romantic and loving sharing of me than sex is.
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