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Ok...After some soul searching, and LOTS of talking with L....I have decided to forge ahead and try to make this relationship work. I want to have V fall in love with both L and myself and us for her.

Why am I even typing this? Because....Even though I am open to the poly ideals and ways....I had guarded my own heart. After being hurt by close friends and past lovers....and scoured through the salt fields after being ripped apart.....I was very apprehensive to allow myself to love another woman again.

However, with my wife's approval, I am going to try to move this forward.

My wife says that she WANTS me to love V...As long as I don't forget my marriage (of 20 years) or my love for my wife. Now this may seem like a weird request, but...I see it as a viable request by her. So it works for us. I have assured her that I would NEVER forget about my love for her, and our marriage.

Now, will I be able to make this relationship continue and work? I hope so....I could really use the extra love.
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