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Default Thinking about trying it :)

Hi there, I'm Liv. I'm brand new to these forums and to the idea of polyamory in general, but I'm very seriously considering trying it.

I've been reading the forums a bit and it would seem our situation is a little bit different than most.

"J" and I are incredibly close friends with a very strong romantic attachment to each other. He also is quite fond of another girl, "S". Around the same time a few months ago, "S" and I both confided in "J" separately that we thought we might be bi-sexual and were wanting to have an experience with a girl. He introduced the idea of a threesome to me, and then to her, both of us agreeing to try it. The three of us started talking a lot, and eventually she and I were talking to each other every day. By the time we finally met, we both felt like we already knew each other. The experience was amazing, and we all three just laid there cuddling afterwards. Since then, we've grown even closer. The two of them are my best friends. When "J" asked me if I would ever consider being in a relationship with both of them, I almost immediately said yes. She has expressed interest in pursuing a relationship with us as well, although she is admittedly worried that she might have feelings of jealousy. I understand because I feel jealous too sometimes, but he is so good at making sure we both know how much he loves us individually and how much he loves us together. The whole thing just makes my heart happy. I truly do love this woman and I love him as well. I can't wait to talk to them every day and see them. I love the idea of a future with all three of us

I guess I'm just wondering what others think about this. Can it work if neither one of us is an established couple already? What is the possibility of a long-term poly relationship? What about marriage and children? Is this something you share with friends and family or do you keep it quiet? lol, sorry, I just have a lot of questions about it. If anyone has any answers or just advice that I should know, I'd love to hear it

Thanks so much!
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