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I agree with GS, go at their pace. I would also not expect ANYTHING! Just go thinking it will be a fun time and a way to get to know them. Don't flirt, don't be suggestive, just be yourself and friendly. If this is the first time you are hanging out with them I would treat it like any other first time. Get to know them so that second date can be something more close and intimate. If you want this to last I would personally wait a good long time for sex. I haven't known too many threesomes that last beyond sex in the first few dates. I imagine that happens, but sustainability happens when time, effort and pateince are at play... of course if a fun time on NY's is all you want then,,, whatever, go for it. Just don't expect life long devotion to occur a month later. At least that has how it has been in my experience.
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