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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Another Anglophile here. I've read so many English novels. My first erotic stirrings were to the Beatles when they first hit the states. In 1963. When I was 8.

I was a huge Monty Python fan in college and nowadays have focused on Eddie Izzard (an honorary Python). I saw his Stripped act 3 times in 2008 and got to hug him and get his autograph. *swoon* He was so polite and charming.

Yeah, I think I need to put getting with an English guy or girl on my Fuckit list. lol Irish, Scots, Australian or NZers would also work.
Ooft Eddie Izzard. He's one of the few comedians who can really put me in stitches. Along with Billy Connolly, Bill Bailey and Tim Minchin to name a few.
I can certainly imagine Izzard to be very polite. He seems like a genuine kinda guy. The whole lot of Monty Python guys are just classic British comedians. Very old fashioned comedy compared to these lot now though I think. Me being only 18, I've grown up without much of the older stuff, so I'm pretty biased towards the newer guys really. =P
I just saw Dara O'Briain a couple of weeks ago. He was brilliant too. I'm not sure if many of you outside the UK will know him? He's only just come onto the scene in the past few years though.
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