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Originally Posted by Skyknight25m View Post
As the newcomer in a MFM threesome, how should I behave? Please give me advice on manners, small talk, flirting, foreplay, bedroom etiquette etc.
Hey Skynight,

Let THEM set the pace - especially where you are new person in.
If any discussion gets started on sex, preferences, fantasies etc I'd suggest being honest but not stretching the envelope too much in any kinky direction. Base that on what THEY share first with you.
Let them know that RESPECT is # 1 for you (assume it is !) and that you respect 'NO' as 'NO' - not negotiable.
If they have traveled this path before it will be easier. If not take it slow. MMF may be a fantasy for her but he may be a bit uncomfortable if it's a first time - or pretty new.
Just let them know that your desire is to add to the excitement in THEIR relationship and hopefully to become part of it in that way.
If flirted with, flirt back within reason. Go with the flow, but I don't recommend trying to set the pace yourself.
And if the topic turns to sex, try to find out if HE is bi but don't offer your preferences first. Guys who are straight easily get freaked out by the idea of any M/M contact !

That should help you get started.............


PS: Stories.............could write a book lol
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