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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
I sometimes forget to take his depression into account. I haven't really seen him "down" as the medication he takes seems to do be doing it's job. I do understand that this can be a tough time of year for him and I hope that I can support him through ups & downs. I've been reading alot about depression, trying to understand what he needs and what, if anything, I can do......
I take anti-depressant medication daily and few people would ever realize I struggle with depression in my life. In fact, most see me as pretty happy and calm. But, I know that I have limits. My energy "reserves" are minimal. They don't see me on the days when I come home from work and crash with fatigue and emotional depletion. I've had to learn to prioritize things in my life in terms of "essentials" that must get done and what can be let go and for how long (indefinitely in some cases!). I've also struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the past which also involved learning to pace myself so I can function on a day to day basis.

It might be helpful for you to have a discussion with you bf about the details of his depression. I have learned what to look for in myself when my depression is increasing, e.g., modified sleep pattern, ongoing fatigue, etc. That's assuming he's willing to discuss it with you. I find most people reluctant to talk about anything related to "mental health" seeing it as a character flaw rather than the brain chemical imbalance it is for many people (which it is in my case.)

Having said that.....I still wouldn't say something "wasn't my responsibility" related to my depression. Although I might say I couldn't make something...or have my responsibility because of the limits on me due to depression.

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