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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Why does the idea of a cuddle pile make you want to "jet from the room"? I could understand not wanting to participate, but that sounds like a serious phobia or something. Are your husband and boyfriend separate from each other too? Do they also enjoy they get you alone from each other when snuggling? Have you ever snuggled one in front of the other? What was the others reaction if so?
Count me as another weird one. Cuddling with non intimates makes me wanna gag. Its not a phobia, its just very intimate. I find cuddling a more intimate act then sex. I can cuddle with "some" of my friends. As in 2. But one is an ex of mine and one is the closest female friend I have ever had, without sexual intimacy.

As the bf in this discussion. I wouldn't say what we have done is cuddling, but we don't have problems with PDA when in our midst. But in "cuddle" situations, we havent doubled her up, as it were. Our cuddling is separate although it could be in the same room I suppose.

SG's explanation of why a threesome would work with 2 guys best explains it. Having the guy there would be no different than using sex toys. It would be US trying to please and satisfy her. Although I imagine it might be a bonding experience, but I haven't actually done a MMF yet
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