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I actually had a decent talk with the boyfriend tonight. He is really upset about his friend not accepting our relationship. He has distanced himself a bit because he is unsure about the future of our relationship. His head sees the end result as us not being friends if we get too far. He wants to keep me in his life no matter what happens. His heart wants our relationship, but is still unsure of where its going to end.

I asked him why he liked me. He said "I love you because your crazy." I wonder if the I love you part slipped or not. I didn't make a fuss or say it back, but its the first time he has said that besides one day I texted him he was amazing and his response was only to the people I love. Friends have told me before that he has actually said I love you before with other things he has done. I have had a tendency of when a guy looks at you in the eyes and sings words to a song that say I love you that he is just singing the song. He actually isn't saying that.

His friends are the most important thing to him. It is the way he has lived his life the last 28 years. He knows if he tries to force me up on them it will end up badly. He originally told his roommate (which is his best friend) that we were just fuck buddies. His roommate tolerated that but warned its probably not a good idea. He finally told his roommate that it was more then that thinking his roommate would be accepting (its his best friend after all), but the most important person in his life doesn't want to stand in the same room with us. He is that opposed to us. So now even if boyfriend wants to invite me over he has to deal with his roommate having a pout fest and leaving the house. This guy means the world to my guy. My boyfriend acts like he is emotionally gay with this man telling him everything he does. His roommate actually left on Sunday when he decided to come home early. It has turned into well now I am scared to introduce you to any of my friends because I am worried they will some how know there is something going on and they won't like you at all. I pointed out the fact that I'll never get to know anyone if you never invite me over to your parties to meet anyone.

He is having a New Years party. His roommate/best friend will be there. If I come, his roommate is going to be unhappy. It has absolutely nothing to do with my behavior or anything I have done. He lives in the same house with this man. How do you invite me over to meet and be with your friends if your roommate/best friend is going to pout about it the whole time??

So messed up... I hate it all.
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