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I don't snuggle PN or Mono in front of the other. I will snuggle them both if we are watching a movie or something, but that came in time, with built up comfort.

For me its about respect. I cuddle Mono far more than PN but we keep that for private. We are always on top of one another in a body pile.
PN is an intermittent cuddler, so when we are together I like to keep space for hugs and kisses, gropes, but nothing prolonged. Neither man is concerned about the closeness with the other though, they like to see that I am actively loved and enjoy seeing me being affectionate with the other. It just works better to have space. Mostly, I think because *I* need it, not because of anything to do with them.

I have two partners and a child in my house. That is a whole lot of physical hands on attention. Plus I have a very touchy feely job. Most of the time I go to them, unless they specifically ask me because I am touched out.

When derby is with us I am physically closer to her. That just seems fair as we don't get alone time often so we make up for touch time with others around.
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