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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
That's a good question... and I don't really know. If I'm in the mood I'd probably want to join or do it with someone else (in the event of 4+ people being there). Otherwise I'd want to be alone.
But to be fair my ideal house configuration would have a bedroom for each person, and this way anyone can just go to theirs if they want some alone time. And I assume A and B wouldn't decide to go at it in C's bed, they'd use one of their own.
See, my house on has 2 bedrooms. Plus, I'd most likely end up renting the 2nd room out once everyone already here moves out and it becomes my house. =P
Though I suppose with othe rpartners living there, I'd have no need to rent it. Still... Only 2 bedrooms between 3 or more people. At least 2 would have to share a bedroom at one time. I couldn't imagine a separate bedroom for every individual. Expensive house that would be.

But I do understand. If you're being left out, you'd rather be completely out of the way. Which is how I feel about it too.

Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Ahhh ok, that makes sense.

You most certainly dont have to change your mind, nor was that my intent.

Your sentence about BEING sexual with the other man, is what confused me. Especially with the remarks about 'I can enjoy looking at another man' etc.
It read to me, like you assumed 2 men on the same bed, automatically meant bi action, between the two.

Which, I now understand isn`t the case in a 'general' pov, just a pov for yourself personally.

So now,..I`m not confused over your non-confusion.

*** back to topic ***

I find it interesting too, the differences between us all. I am not afraid of intimacy, but the idea of cuddle parties, or cuddle piles makes me want to jet from the room. I am finding I like to keep my intimacies seperate.

When I want to snuggle with my husband, I want to snuggle him alone. When I want to snuggle with my boyfriend, I snuggle him alone. Snuggling both is not up my alley at all.
Sorry for confusing you. =[ I have a habit of doing that. I don't always choose the best words to get out what I'm trying to say.

Why does the idea of a cuddle pile make you want to "jet from the room"? I could understand not wanting to participate, but that sounds like a serious phobia or something. Are your husband and boyfriend separate from each other too? Do they also enjoy they get you alone from each other when snuggling? Have you ever snuggled one in front of the other? What was the others reaction if so?
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