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Unhappy RE" Redpeppers Comments

Thank you for your reply. Some more background on me/us. We are all professionals and are very present in the community we live in. This proves to be difficult at times, but I can usually deal with it. We have been in a triad for 7 years. MFM. One mono and then my husband and myself. The mono is divorced with kids of his own. None of the kids "know" persay, but they realize we are super close friends and plan to build our lives together. The kids never seem to have a problem with the closeness, they actually accept it all, it seems natural to them. My kids call him uncle since my children are younger and his kids think it is funny to call me god mom to avoid others questioning of not really being related. The exwife however has made this situation pretty crazy at times. We all moved in together a few years ago and if we lived in a bubble life would be so easy for the most part. Other people really make this situation more difficult
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