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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
SomeGeezer,... think of it this way....

It`s like watching straight porn. Millions of men watch porn.
they see a man and a woman fuck, and even though they see a naked man, they aren`t watching ...HIM. The man being in the porno, doesn`t mean the guy watching is attracted or sexual with other males.

They are focused on the ACT, and the pleasure the WOMAN receives.

Ditto a MMF featuring 2 straight males. They sure aren`t interested in each other. The woman is the focus.

Hope that clarifies.
Yes. Which is why I would not exactly mind if they wanted me there to watch. But I would not join in, just as I would never film my own porn. Even then, I'd just prefer not to watch either porn or other people fucking. I'm not saying nobody should do it. I just don't want to. It's not for me. =]
So I wasn't confused about anything. Just saying it isn't something I would be interested in and wondering who else feels the same way. Who else would leave them to it, or who would stay in the same bed, or even, who would join in?
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