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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
when I was your age, I would have answered the same way. At 18 I wasn't ready. Now I would ... try and do it in a heart beat, for either of my lovers. I have yet to do it...but I would give er the college try.

For me personally, cuddling is really intimate. I don't do it with just anyone, and sure as heck wouldn't do it with another guy. Having sex, with the woman, for the woman, is very different then cuddling in close with another dude.

I am a PDA guy. I like affection and I like showing it. Its how I roll. I am physical with those I love.
So you feel that you and another guy having sex with the same woman at the same time is less hard for you than cuddling with them both?

I don't find it is anything to do with my age that I wouldn't do that. I just feel more comfortable with the opposite. Most likely, I'd always be on the opposite side of our female partner and my cuddles would be intended for her, but if he is in the same bed, he'd sure better not be too sensitive to the idea of my arms round him too. =P

I'm just not attracted to guys in a sexual way and so would never want to be involved even side by side during sex. If watching was involved, I'd be concentrating on the woman. But would rather he was watching us than me watching them. I'd most likely leave them alone for it and just sleep in another room.

If it was a triad relationship with 2 women however, I'd be happy to have them both join in. But I feel it could probbaly be awkward. I shall just have to wait and see if that experience comes my way. But if it was just a V, again, I'd leave them to their business.
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