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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I figured someone would have a lot of experience with the opposite. It's cool that you have found men like that too. I'm not one of them personally. I can admire a good looking man, but I do not want to be joining in with sex. I wouldn't mind sleeping in the same bed though. Say I was in a V with a female hinge [I think I'm using the correct terms!] and She wanted to sleep in the same bed with the both of us. I'd have no problem.
when I was your age, I would have answered the same way. At 18 I wasn't ready. Now I would ... try and do it in a heart beat, for either of my lovers. I have yet to do it...but I would give er the college try.

For me personally, cuddling is really intimate. I don't do it with just anyone, and sure as heck wouldn't do it with another guy. Having sex, with the woman, for the woman, is very different then cuddling in close with another dude.

I am a PDA guy. I like affection and I like showing it. Its how I roll. I am physical with those I love.

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