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Default long distance and poly??

so I find myself in quite a callenging spot in my life, I have meet an amazing boy and an amazing girl that I have know for almost a month now that I've been dating.
the main issue is that I am moving away to st.louis here in only a few months due to school and will be gone for 18 months I feel incredibly guilty over this cause I had to real intension of seeking out a relationship which I know sounds very, very cheezy cause no really goes and does that with any relationships.
but I have been in a fair share of long distance relationships before and its very hard on relationships to have distance between you.
and I have just been emtionally kind of beating my up for putting this lovely relationship into a stressed situation.

with all that being said me the boy and the girl have talked multiple times about me finding ways to come back up and visit them on weekends (not all of course but a few if I can manage) and the boy has family in the st.louis area and he is more then happy to try and look at the idea of coming up and spending nights over at the place with me.

some how in the pit of my stomach through all this stress i do think there is a way I can get through all of this and make it work......I just like said know form my past experince thats its not an easy road to take.

but I have a good amount of friends in the st.louis area that I am sure can be more then helpful with being there for me as emtional support. I do worry a little bit that I might meet someone while in st.louis doing school and begin dating them.
I know for certain if I do date anyone I want to be up front with them from the start that I am in a poly relationship.....and I don't plan on ditching my bf or gf any time soon. And in even with all that I do think I could be able to work at if it came up.
my gf and bf both know I am open to the idea of dating...and maybe trying to find a second bf.....if the fates allowed.

the most important thing I need to bare in mind is communication....I need to make sure I have that with them and with anyone else.....and the power of positive thinking is also most helpful tool also lol so yes as lame as it sounds I am just tying to think positively mostly I just wanted to rant...cause even though I am close with my family and some of them do know about me having a gf and bf its not something that the family really enjoys bringing up around me and I kind of just gave up on the idea of discussing personal life stuff with family to avoid complications in general for a while now.

so here is really the only place I have to truly vent and connect with others.
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